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TERMS of Free Classified Ads

General provisions reserves the right to change any of these ads, trying to preserve the meaning specified by the user and all the details.

By placing free ads on, you agree:

  • Take responsibility for the content or accuracy of the information contained in the announcement.
  • Provide an opportunity for contact with contact phone number, which is indicated in the account settings.


On prohibited

  • Adding ads to inappropriate subject areas.
  • Add the ad the same content and meaning.
  • Adding ads, the content of which violates the laws of the Republic of Latvia (for example, contain propaganda of violence, racial hatred, pornography, violating copyrights and so forth.).
  • Add the ad content that violates generally accepted standards of morality.


Ads text

  • The text should not be any contact information, e-mail addresses or links to other websites.
  • Impermissible calls to action (eg, "Suggest a price").
  • It is necessary to observe the rules of punctuation and indentation after the punctuation, it is reasonable to use punctuation.
  • Do not use capital letters to write the text.
  • The price must be stated in a separate for this field. Indicate the price in the text is prohibited.


Ads Description

  • Correct display of ads is not guaranteed if used in the description of the ad HTML code is added independently. Do not use JavaScript. It is also forbidden any other code, which loads an external script or page automatically (for example, "includes" or "iframe"); opens popup-window; making manipulation of cookies; It offers to download any program; alters the content of the page outside of the "Description" Classified; It redirects visitors to another resource automatically.


With respect, Administration.


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